Euphemia Russell is a trained and endorsed Sexuality and Pleasure Educator, and founded I Wish You Knew as a way to share information with as many people as possible (and still growing). 

Their style is practical, casual, and open, encouraging people to explore what works for them with their sexual and gender identities, bodies, and communication.

They threw away their savings and Community Development career to study all things sex and pleasure in California (with the help of their incredible community through crowdfunding). Now they’re trained and endorsed by SFSI California, and are soon to be a member of the Society of Australian Sexologists. They have presented and shared practical across Australia and The United States, and look forward to elsewhere! 

They focus their whole life on sharing scientific, practical, casual, and accessible information about sex that is for any person. 

When they aren’t training, facilitating, speaking, or consulting, they work at the amazing Passionfruit The Sensuality Shop having honest and helpful conversations. 

Contact: euphemia@iwishyouknew.net / +61 409 566 954


  • Sex Educator Training, San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI)
  • Health Promotions, Monash University
  • Community Cultural Development, Melbourne University

Euphemia shares why they believe speaking and learning about sex is so important.