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SOLD OUT / Sex talks: sex and communication

Accessibility: all areas of the event space are fully accessible, with doors requiring assistance. 

Clear communication can be an absolute game changer in all areas of life, but it can also be one of the hardest to feel apt and confident in, especially when it comes to relationships and sexuality. 

Funnily, we’re never taught these integral skills, so most of us fumble our way through life feeling confused, dissatisfied, exposed, or overly quiet while trying to guess and articulate our own and others’ needs and wants.

But communication is the crux of exploration that is consensual, fun, and fulfilling. 

This event is for people of all gender and sexual identities and lifestyles. LGBTQIAP inclusive.


The absolute dreeeeeam communication team Kate McCombs, Victoria Cullen and Dani Weber will be speaking about all the communication things to do with sexuality, gender identity, relationships, and drastic life changes. 

They are all experts in this field with very different styles, approaches, and focuses and are super excited to nerd out together and share their realisations, tips, and resources for everyone to communicate their feels more clearly in this world. There will be an important Q and A opportunity for the audience too.

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