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Owning our sexualities

  • Newkind Festival Tasmania Australia (map)

Tools for understanding and discovering our sexuality: 

  • Articulation of desires
  • Self-pleasure
  • Embodiment
  • Self-define

With the internet, our understanding of sexuality and sexual identities are being created by online groups and communities. Nowadays, Tumblr and Reddit are at the cutting edge of identity politics, instead of institutions who are now a step behind and playing catch up as they attempt to analyse and research the ever-changing identities. 
Yet although we live in the Information Age, adults are still lacking access to basic information about their own bodies and anatomy, pleasure, and sexual identities. Largely, we are still inheriting Victorian era concepts of our sexuality, rather than having the information to find ways to approach these things that work for the individual. Essentially, we’re all fumbling our way through sex, relationships, and understanding the complexity of our sexual selves.
But with accessible resources and tools for understanding our own sexualities, we can positively influence our relationships with ourselves, others, and feed into global social change - ideally breaking down prejudice, reducing physical mental and emotional harm, and encouraging a healthier society. 
However, despite this idealism, there are many road blocks until this can be possible. It seems that the only way to face these blocks are to articulate the various challenges, share resources and experiences unabashedly (well, at least without shame and guilt), and learn from each other. 
Euphemia will propose approaches the next step, and facilitate a conversation about people’s views and experiences so we can learn from each other and strive towards a time in which everyone can enjoy doing what works for them … as long as it is consensual. 



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