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Let's Talk About Sex, Baby! / Me, Myself and I: Pleasure Seeking and Mapping

LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX, BABY aims to educate and empower through knowledge and understanding in an inclusive, relaxed and non-judgemental environment. You do you, and we’ll do the rest. We want to make it clear that this is a safe space and, no matter what your flavour, this course is suitable for EVERYONE.
✰ Me, Myself and I: Pleasure Seeking and Mapping
Everybody’s free to feel good, but it’s not always that easy or accessible for every body. Figuring out what’s right for you can be confusing. This workshop will discuss both pleasure and pain from a physiological perspective (genitals don’t equal gender), including the nervous system and sexual dysfunction.
Single class: $30
Duo ticket (bring a friend): $45
~ 10% of all profits made from these workshops will be donated to Minus 18, who provide essential support and mentorship to LGBTI youth.