I Wish You Knew is for anyone who wants to learn more about sexuality and pleasure (let’s be honest, that’s most of us).

First up, our "ground rules": 

  • Consent: always ask first, and check in.

  • We’re trauma informed, and all about harm reduction, non judgement: don’t yuck someone else’s yum.

  • Genitals don’t equal gender.

  • Sex work is real work, this includes surrogacy.

  • We wanna be here for everyone: yep, for all LGBTQIAP+ peeps, different ability peeps, and people of colour, and all bodies and identities of all ways. 

Basically, our focus is sharing accessible info about your own body, and understandings of how to engage with other people’s bodies. We're not about ‘spicing up your sex life’, becoming ‘good in bed’, or even believing everyone is interested in sex.

As sex and bodies are connected to everything, and we all have veeery different experiences. So it can never look one way. On top of that, it can be messy, confusing, and traumatising with all the myths, misinformation, violence, and shame we've experienced, inherited, and internalised. So information is key! Healthily interrogating, unlearning, and exploring if we wanna. 

We try to share information that is useful to all people, and is intersectional. We try not to talk about sex in one way, with one identity, and with one kind of body - but we always welcome ways to do that better. Feedback is really important to us, so please email us with suggestions to improve (if you have the energy), but keep in mind that we’re just humans trying our best, so please be gentle.