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Communication is a practice, and sex is a social skill something we all need to practice. So this workshop is an important opportunity to learn and get more comfortable with being uncomfortable (as long as you feel safe and supported). It's not something we're ever taught, and most of us fumble our way through dynamics and relationships. But when it comes to pleasure and knowing your fantasies, desires, needs, wants, boundaries do you feel clear?

Come learn some casual, sexy, and useful ways to know yours and others’ wants, needs, and want.

☁️ Fun techniques and tools to clarify and articulate to yourself what your wants, needs, desires are
☁️ Ways to test being assertive but not aggressive about your wants, needs, boundaries with others
☁️ Phrasing to casually, sexily, and suggestively ask for exact what you want and make it as pleasurable as possible for everyone involved
☁️ Sensual exercises to do with others so you can learn more about desires and fantasies
☁️ How to navigate confronting process with others with empathy: mismatched libidos, opening up relationships, break ups, asking for fetishes, kinks, unmatched desires
☁️ How to safely and consensually communicate and explore exploration, edgeplay, and kink


Friday 25th October August at 7pm
AUSTRALIAN EAST COAST TIME: Saturday 26th October at 12pm (noon)

TICKETS: $30-$35
(includes access to video for two week and downloadable notes and exercises)



  • ONLINE ACCESS TO LIVE WORKSHOP: access to the live PG-rated online workshop. If you do the workshop live you will have a chance to ask questions, participate in group polls, and test out the practical tools and exercises as they are presented.

  • VIDEO ACCESS FOR TWO WEEK: you will receive a link to the workshop video to watch afterwards, or if you’re unable to make the time of the live workshop. You will have to watch within two weeks after you receive the link.

  • EXERCISES AND NOTES: notes, exercises, and activities to prep and do before and during the workshop.

  • TOY DISCOUNTS: 15% off toys and tools mentioned in the workshop for a worldwide audience, with shops based in Australia and the USA.


> At your pace and place:
this workshop is for people of all sexualities, bodies, and levels of understanding. Going through the workshop, the notes, and practice in your time. You will receive a download link to the workshop to go over later too.
> Genitals don’t equal gender: this workshop is for all genders. Euphemia uses queer and gender-inclusive language and defines gender identity, expression, and assigned sex when talking about bodies and body parts. 
> Aware of differing bodies and sexuality: this workshop is inclusive of people who experience chronic pain, limited mobility, and changes in their libido.
> Don’t yuck other people’s yums: this workshop is to encourage exploration, no shaming is allowed, unless it’s consensual and that’s your kink.
> 18+ audience only: this is strictly for adults over 18, please don’t buy a ticket if this is not you. 
> Accessibility: if you would like closed captioning for this workshop, please contact Euphemia ahead of time and they will organise for someone to do this.

CALIFORNIA TIME: Friday 23rd August at 7pm
AUSTRALIAN EAST COAST TIME: Saturday 24th August at 12pm (noon)

TICKETS: $30-$35


Euphemia is a pleasure educator, based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
They’re dedicated to resourcing people with practical pleasure and embodiment tools through coaching, writing, and facilitation. Their approach is based on the fundamental conviction that pleasure is essential to health, not just a frivolous indulgence that you supposedly don’t deserve.
They gently support others to investigate inherited beliefs and “deshamifying”, self-regulation and embodiment, kinky explorative techniques, pain and trauma, and communication with one’s self and others.
Euphemia’s strength comes from their innate ability to bring together their breadth of scientific knowledge, and their intense fascination and curiosity with sexy embodiment and existence while sharing with approachable warmth, care, and candour. 
Euphemia’s work is admired and followed by many because of their practical, disarmingly dorky, and deeply compassionate approach. With a background in Community Development, they centre inclusivity, representation, and accessibility in their work.

It’s truly an honour and a pleasure for them to be in service to people’s pleasure.


I’m interested but feeling nervous. Will it be ok?
Totally fair and normal you feel nervous! If you have questions or want to talk to me, e-mail me at: euphemia@iwishyouknew.net

Is this workshop for all genders and sexualities?
Yes, absolutely! It is gender and queer inclusive in the language, tools, and exercises. But I always encourage people to know what is best for your body and desire. 

Is it possible to get a refund if I change my mind? There are no refunds on this course. 

Can I share the video with my friends or lovers?
Please don’t share the workshop video link, or downloaded videos. I put so much care and thoughtfulness into creating my workshops and deserve to be financially rewarded for my hard work. But you’re welcome to watch the live workshop together! 

I really want to attend this event but I’m not available the time of the live event. Is it possible and useful for me to still buy a ticket without participating in the live event?
Yes absolutely! I've created this workshop so it's accessible as possible, and you can download the video after the live event is over to watch the video and resources and do the exercises in your own time.

So I get a copy of the video workshop?
Yep! It’s yours to watch over and over again, and so are the exercises I send through to you beforehand.  

If I’m experiencing trauma or PTSD is this workshop ok for me?
My work is trauma-informed, and this workshop is gentle and slow. I would recommend this particular workshop as a great way to gently ease into your body and sexuality. But I always recommend that people have external support and resourcing from therapists while working with me.

I want to attend but I’m financially constrained. Is it still possible to attend?
I’m providing five tickets to people who think they would greatly benefit from this workshop but don’t have the funds. If you think this is you, please write me an email: euphemia@iwishyouknew.net with a short explanation of why you’d like to do this workshop. Priority to people on low incomes, people of colour or indigenous people, people with disabilities, and people who experience chronic pain.