$69 USD


“Sex toy” as a tool you don’t have in-built 

  • Curved

  • precise g-spotting curve

  • Weighty

  • Notably curved upward at both identically tapered tips, one side provides a precision grip while the other is inserted for firm, unrelenting massage.

  • Double ended for different pressure and intensity - Its non-intimidating size and slimline shape is ideal for beginners, or the larger end for more intensity. while its bulbed head is perfect for breathtaking internal and external stimulation.

  • Bulbous end for precision 

  • Slimline glass dildo with bulbed head and handle



  • Curved for access to G Spot and Prostate / for vaginal AND anal 

  • Tapered, bulbous head offers easy insertion and precise stimulation
    For “mapping”, squirting, gentle introduction to prostate play, 

  • Non-porous (basically means bacteria can’t be trapped in the surface of the toy, like crystal toys) 

  • Freezer or hot water to meeeelt the lubricant, 

  • Safe for butts

  • For solo self pleasure, or a toy for play with others. 

  • Can use for general body massage too! 

  • Temperature play - “Unlike most sex toys, glass can be use with all lubricants and is safe for all skin types thanks to its completely inert properties. Your glass dildo is also perfect for indulging in a little temperature play: simply submerge it in warm water, or cool it in the fridge for 10 minutes before use. Be sure to test the temperature on your arm, before directing it towards more intimate areas.”

$69 USD

Includes a care toy bag, express postage, access to videos, a