Learn how to know, ask, feel, and explore your body and pleasure.

Aren’t bodies the best? I’m here for all them. Well, all adults of all genders and identities.

I care deeply about wanting to make practical pleasure information more accessible, and support you to explore what pleasure feels like in your body. Without shame, or at least dancing with shame if we can’t totally unlearn it. Learn how to regulate your state, actually feel your body, and explore what pleasure feels like eeeven beyond your genitals and orgasms.

This ain’t about 'spicing up your sex life', it's about explorative body autonomy and learning tools to articulate your needs, wants, and desires. It’s about claiming your pleasure in a world that is not supportive of this.

Pleasure is health - an integral part of health. Pleasure isn’t a wasteful frivolous distraction. Pleasure is unfortunately pleasure political, especially in a sex negative time as now.