Euphemia Russell

Pronouns: they / them
(also comfortable with her or him)

Euphemia is an endorsed Australian pleasure educator and facilitator, who is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

They're dedicated to resourcing people with pleasure information so they can 'deshamify' sex and own their pleasure.

Their practical style brings together science, personal experience and deep feeling, body awareness tools, explorative kink, and fundamentally - communication.

They support people in private sessions, write practical blogs, and facilitate workshops for adults and and healthcare professionals.

Euphemia’s work is admired and followed for their innate ability to teach in a supported, pleasurable, and accessible way. Their approach to pleasure and facilitation style is practical, disarmingly dorky, and deeply compassionate.


Trained and endorsed Sexuality and Pleasure Educator, SFSI California

Member of the Society of Australian Sexologists

Trauma Informed Facilitator, Liz Scarfe

Sex Education Training, Australian Medical Students’ Association Academy

Facilitator, Cloud Catcher

Community Cultural Development, Melbourne University