People often ask me about resources about consensual non-monogamy. Even though I focus on communication of pleasure (with needs, wants, desires, and fantasies), I’m not a therapist and don’t plan on being one! But I have been in my fair share of open relationships, so I suggest these resources not from my perspective as a Pleasure Educator, but from being human and exploring new ways of relating.

I hope these resources bolster you in a time hopefully filled with excitement, being somewhat overwhelmed, and not quite knowing what you want in a dynamic of relating that society rarely represents or portrays so there’s very little positive role models.

One thing I do suggest is, consider “What If” before exploring particular dynamics so you can really know your needs and wants before potentially feeling hurt by the reality of the situation. It’s ok to go slooooow.


Any resources you think should really be on this list? I’d love to know! Please email me at: euphemia@iwishyouknew.net.